International online seminar series

Transdisciplinary Approaches to the Rāmāyaṇa and Mahābhārata

Every Thursday between 3rd June and 8th July 2021

Cardiff University

Convened by Simon Brodbeck, Laxsmi Greaves and James Hegarty

(programme – download)

Panel: Polish Mahbhrata Translation Project

Joanna Jurewicz (Warsaw): “Vyāsa as a Film-Maker. Creating of Battle-Scenes in Selected Examples of MBh 6”

Andrzej Babkiewicz (Warsaw): “Weapons in the Mahābhārata – an Attempt of Reconstruction”

Sven Sellmer (AMU Poznań): “Computer-Based Analysis of the Usage of Expressions Denoting Weapons in the Mahābhārata”