Eighth Dubrovnik International Conference on the Sanskrit Epics and Purāṇas


September 21-26,2020

IUC Dubrovnik, Croatia

(programme – download)


Translating the Mahābhrārata as a group enterprise

Babkiewicz, Jrurewicz, Szczurek, Sellmer

The Polish Mahābhārata Translation Project is a nationally funded enterprise that aims at translating books VI–X of the Mahābhārata into Polish for the first time and publishing the result both in book-form and online, together with additional features. In the proposed workshop four members of the project would like to present several of its aspects : application process and overall design (Joanna Jurewicz), technical tools (Sven Sellmer), epic weaponry (Andrzej Babkiewicz), selected problems of translation (Przemysław Szczurek). It is hoped that a discussion of these points may be helpful for the planning of similar large-scale translation projects in the field of epic and purāṇic studies.